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As we await the new Netflix series on cybercrime featuring luminaries including Brian Krebs, a few other stories caught our attention this week.

CISA issued vulnerability alerts for several medical device products produced by Illumina and Becton, Dickinson & Co.. Patches for Illumina genetic testing and sequencing devices should be installed immediately.

On the privacy front, in the US, there has finally been meaningful progress on a national privacy bill. Leaders of key House and Senate committees seem to have compromised in the draft bill. The proposal has three thresholds for covered entities based on the size of a given business. There are provisions for enhanced children's protections, limits on targeted advertising, preemption over state laws, and a limited private right of action. The draft also proposes a chief privacy officer requirement.

Finally, in Europe, the European Commission announced the European Health Data Space. The EHDS is meant to empower people to control and utilize their health data in their home country or in other Member States, foster a genuine single market for digital health services and products, and offer a consistent, trustworthy, and efficient framework to use health data for research, innovation, policy-making and regulatory activities, while ensuring full compliance with the EU's high data protection standards.