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Busy Week for the HHS

The HHS had an active week issuing a new threat brief, guidance on telehealth security, and a new version of their Security Risk Assessment Tool.

The threat brief, Strengthening Cyber Posture in the Health Sector explores steps that can be taken to strengthen cyber posture including:

  • Conduct regular security posture assessments
  • Consistently monitor networks and software for vulnerabilities
  • Define which department owns what risks and assign managers to specific risks
  • Regularly analyze gaps in your security controls
  • Define a few key security metrics
  • Create an incident response plan and a disaster recovery plan

The telehealth guidance offers guidance on how the HIPAA rules permit covered entities to use remote communication technologies for audio-only telehealth.

Version 3.3 of the SRA Tool includes some bug fixes and feature enhancements including the incorporation of Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices references.

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