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Europe Pushes Forward with Regulations

Some major developments in Europe this week. On Tuesday, EU lawmakers approved the Digital Services Act (DSA) which in addition to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), requires online platforms to do more to police the internet for illegal content. Companies can face fines of up to 10% of annual global turnover for DMA violations and 6% for DSA breaches.

Then on Thursday, Ireland's Data Protection Commission sent a draft decision to its EU data protection authority counterparts in which it proposes to stop Facebook parent company Meta from transferring personal data from the EU to the U.S..

The draft order stems from a 2020 decision from the EU’s highest court, the Court of Justice, which put tough conditions on how companies could send European personal information to be stored in the U.S., saying that Europeans had no effective way to challenge American government surveillance.

While Thursday’s decision concerns Facebook, thousands of businesses use similar contractual provisions to transfer data, bringing into question the use U.S.-based data centers to do things like sell online ads, measure their website traffic, or manage company employees in Europe.

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